Is It a Spider Bite Bruise?

Spiders get a lot of bad press, and most of it is really unfair. They are often portrayed as dangerous and scary, but the truth is that they will avoid humans if given the cha (MORE)
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Treating a Wood Spider Bite

When it comes to bites and stings, you can typically find an abundance of first aid information related to rattlesnakes and scorpions, and black widow and brown recluse spider (MORE)

How to Remove a Splinter

Removing a splinter can be painful, especially if it is stuck under the first layer of skin. This splinter removal guide will show you how to remove splinters properly and wit (MORE)

What Are the Symptoms of Rabies in Humans?

Of all the bites and stings people can be subjected to, being bit by a rapid animal is one of the worst. If you suffer from this type of bite, you can become very sick. If you (MORE)